Enviromental Policy

Protection of Natural Sources

It is our primary responsibility to protect our natural sources, keep the use of raw materials at appropriate levels, and contribute to the proper recycling of waste produced during our activities by means of using such technologies that have a minimum impact on the environment within the bounds of technical, economic and commercial possibilities.


Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

We pledge that we will always comply with the Turkish environmental regulations and the requirements as set forth under the standard TSE ISO 14001:2015 and, observe the international norms applying the approach of continuous improvement.  We always act very carefully to make sure that all the products and processes used in the development, planning and investment phases are environmentally friendly.

Minimization of Environmental Loads

It is our primary aim to keep the environmental effects of our operations on the air, water and soil under control and minimize these effects. To that end, we always operate following the principles for continuous improvement.



Waste Recovery

We minimize and sort wastes at source that are produced during our operations and, if it is not possible, then we make use of all suitable methods available to properly and effectively recycle and dispose them.



Engagement of Employees

We believe that all the employees of KOSEDAG including the top management should be aware that it is the responsibility of all of us to protect the environment and, we all should effectively engage in all the activities organized for this purpose within the scope of our powers and responsibilities.  To that end, we continuously improve ourselves in the field of environment protection through an efficient information flow and comprehensive training activities.

KOSEDAG will minimize the impact of all the operations it carries out on the environment. The company management will always be very careful not to harm the environment and, actively seek for new methods to protect the natural sources.