R&D Center

We are the 643rd R&D center and, also the first and only one in the fence sector.

We Are  More Than a Fencing Company

During the performance of our R&D activities, we manufacture special technologies for the sector to meet the different needs and requests of our customers and lead the sector focusing on the protection of all the living spaces. At our R&D Center, it is one of the most important responsibilities that we assume to develop such solutions that meet the technological developments and new security demands, contributing to the countries’ economies and public security.

We Offer Added Values in our Productions

We export to the world such information and technology developed by our technical staff and engineers and, bring added values to the sector and the countries’ economies.


We Offer New Security Solutions

We define ourselves as the tailor of what we do.
In addition to the products included in our wide portfolio, we develop project based security systems and produce integrated solutions specially designed for different security needs. We develop special, advanced technology perimeter security systems for locations that require high security such as international borders, military zones and airports.








We Increase our Export Volume

We are present in many countries throughout the world with our technological products producing added values, offering a wide range of products and, developing high quality solutions. We increase our strength in the sector by means of offering long-term services in coordination with our partners from all over the world that rely on our business discipline.


We Obtain Patents

As one of the companies with the most patents, utility models and industrial designs in the world based on the understanding of lean production, we have led the way with the patent for solar illuminated aluminum fence posts.


We Are Environmentally-Conscious

We have founded one of the world’s most advanced coating plants, where we apply environmentally friendly washing and Nano-Coating technologies for all the products during the washing process.