Human Resources

Since 1978, we have been operating as a world brand with our second-generation management and expert staff under the light of our principles.   

Aiming to transfer our experiences from generation to generation, we encourage the culture of sharing and entrepreneurial spirit.  Recognizing the achievements, we are pleased to bring highly qualified people to our organization for continuous improvement.

Human Resources Policy

We aim to keep our position in the sector as a leading company also in the field of HR applications through our skilled and responsible employees. As a primary principle, we always work and act in respectful, fair and people oriented manner.


We carry out job interviews with such candidates with required qualifications and characteristics for vacant positions and, offer a job to those we deem suitable following a reference check.  

Training and Improvement

We closely monitor the one-month orientation process with our newly recruited team members in coordination with the HR team. We pay great attention to the ability of our new team members to get adapted to our corporate culture.

Performance Management

We assess the performance of our employees within the predefined periods and in line with the respective business targets. At the end of each year, we identify a pay rise based on the respective performance grade.

How to Apply?

Please visit the following titles in order to see the vacant positions as per your qualifications or submit a general job application.