We commit ourselves to be capable of meeting the needs and reasonable expectations of the customers in a full and constant manner, manufacturing the products and services in the most economic manner and, delivering 100% customer satisfaction with minimum cost and maximum quality.

Kosedag's Quality Policy

We pledge to keep our production, productivity and determination at the highest level with an efficient quality assurance system that increase our international competitive capacity based on an appropriate cost policy.

Our understanding of production is based on the idea that the true creative power is people in our company and, that the starting point of the activities intended to create, maintain and continuously improve the quality is having knowledgeable personnel.  For this purpose, we pay great attention to the training to our employees to improve their personal skills and their ability to work as a team in an efficient manner.

We are making great efforts to ensure that the people are aware of self-commitment, competency, communication, corrective actions and sustainability.

All the personnel at every level of the company are encouraged to be aware that quality is a customer oriented philosophy and, the winners of the leadership competition will be those who are able to earnestly deal with the messages from the customers as soon as possible with the aim to deliver the best service and, turn them into an advantage.

In addition, we know and are aware that each unit within the organization is a customer of another unit that performs the other processes it makes use of. To put it more explicitly, each unit is a supply resource in addition to the other functions it carries out.

Therefore, we aim to ensure that each unit in our company and each person therein are aware of the fact that they are also a quality person, supplier and customer.

It is the basic policy of our organization that all the personnel are engaged in the process intended to ensure that our quality policy applied within the organization to fulfill all the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and, the efficiency of our system is continuously improved accordingly.