Occupational Health and Safety Policy


KOSEDAG recognizes people its most valuable assets during the fulfillment of its business operations and, aims as a primary business target to minimize all types of possible losses by means of creating safer and healthier working environment.

KOSEDAG considers the improvement of the health and safety levels of its employees as a necessity for the business productivity. Applying an efficient Occupational Health and Safety System, we periodically review the system and ensure its continuous improvement by means of monitoring its performance.

For this purpose;

We comply all the applicable local laws, regulations and standards concerning the aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety System.

We review all the risks concerning Occupational Diseases as well as other aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety System and, take protective measures accordingly.


We assess the impacts of the new projects and processes on the Occupational Diseases as well as other aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety System before the fulfillment of the projects.

We eliminate all the dangers at source and, aim for zero occupational accidents and diseases with all the employees engaging in the respective processes.

We develop such systems designed to minimize our losses in case of any accident or emergencies that may occur during the fulfillment of our business operations.

We train our employees so that they achieve the business targets and continuously improve themselves in respect of occupational health and safety and, encourage them to be physically and mentally fit and healthy. All the employees working in all the business departments work in cooperation, take necessary measures and, create a culture open for continuous improvement to achieve the targets as set forth under this policy.

Elif Kösedağ